Health Care Reform

Op-eds and information about Health Care Reform, 2009

Radio Interview: WBT Radio

I was interviewed on WBT Radio, Charlotte, NC, the Tara Servatius Show.

The subject was why health care is not a “right.”

Radio Interview: The Big Biz Show

I was interviewed on the Business Talk Radio Network, the Big Biz Show with Sully and Rust T. Nailz. I was able to state my opposition to claims that health care is a “right.”

BBC / NPR Radio Interview: World Have Your Say

I was interviewed on the BBC World program “World Have Your Say.” The show was broadcast to 15 million listeners, on the NPR radio network.

I have about 3 minutes to state that health care is not a right. One caller disagreed, and stated outright that others should provide him with the knee operation he needs.